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FM Michał Fudalej and artistic Chess set in Art Deco-style chessboard

ChessboArt History & Michał Fudalej

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The idea of making wooden demonstration and vertical chess matured for many years, but the first products were created in 2022. I think that it is the result of passion, certain professional predispositions and external conditions that forced me to look for a new direction.

I've played chess since I was a child, reaching the level of FIDE Master in 2007...

ChessboArt logo engraved on a wooden easel
Artistic vertical chessboard with chess pieces
Art deco Luxury Verical Chess Set
Chess pieces with magnets made of ash and walnut wood. Crafts and manual work.
Vertical demonstration chessboard with dedicated wood easel
Handcrafted chess pieces, Khight (ash) and American Walnut (Rock)

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Handcrafted chess pieces and chessboard on dedicated painting easel.
Unique art deco chess set for gift

ChessboArt is the result of passion and determination of the chess FIDE Master Michał Fudalej.

We have designed the demonstration chessboard from scratch, focusing on design, wood quality, and traditional craftsmanship. Without any compromise and with attention to detail.

Since 2022, chess has been gaining recognition among professional players, enthusiasts, and aficionados of the game, as well as those who appreciate a touch of luxury and good taste.

Chess can enchant not only with the beauty of the moves.

Luxury and professional Chessboard




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Luxurious vertical chess set made from walnut wood