A chess set to hang on the wall, like a painting.
Wood and crafted chess pieces with a two magnets inside.

Chess can impress not only with its amazing moves, but also with its appearance. We created ChessboArt as something completely new, as a work of applied art. They were supposed to impress with their design, idea and quality. Decorate interiors, give them a unique and prestigious character. To achieve this, artists, chess players and engineers collaborated on the project, devoting hundreds of hours to it. Despite such a refined design, the final result is largely the result of the individual qualities of solid wood and the craftsman's talent. This makes each set different and unique. Therefore, each chessboard has been given an individual number.

Chess and Arts

Wooden, magnetic vertical chess in an impressive size of 80x80 cm! Pieces, pawns, chessboard fields, frame are entirely made of American walnut and ash wood. As many as 200 magnets are hidden inside the chessboard and in the pieces to provide an unprecedented gaming experience. Pieces are snapped to the center of each of the 64 squares so that the position on the chessboard looks even and can delight the audience. From the beginning, we dreamed of chess similar to the picture, without any compromises. Designed with passion and knowledge and made of the best materials. Your move!

Chess as picture

Engraving easel is dedicated to ChessboArt and Vertical Chess
Wood, art chess sets, like a paintings. Full professional Chessboard for hanging on the wall.
Wood and magnets chess pieces: ash King, walnut Rock and Knight
Vertical chess set is a perfect do solve a chess puzzle.

Currently, we are still at the beginning of our journey, although we regularly sell chess sets to European countries. We treat our products very individually. Most of the work is done by hand in our workshop, because every piece of wood is different and has different requirements.If you want to know more or cooperate with us. If you have similar passions, please contact us.

Production or Craft

In the first half of 2022, I started working on a chess design and ChessboArt prototypes.I invited people related to design, artists, craftsmen, carpenters and engineers to cooperate.The idea was to create a demonstration chessboard that would be uncompromising in every respect. From the beginning, it was supposed to be an exclusive and sophisticated element of interior design. The solutions used were to give pleasure in every respect:look (design), feel (finish and quality of wood) and play experience (innovative magnet system) .

New start

FM Fudalej Michał is Fide Chess Master and ChessboArt creator

The idea of making wooden demonstration chess matured for many years, but the first products were created in 2022. I think that it is the result of passion, certain professional predispositions and external conditions that forced me to look for a new direction.

I've played chess since I was a child, reaching the level of FIDE Master in 2007. From that moment, I practically stopped taking an active part in competitions, I became a recreational player. I focused on professional work related to engineering and innovation.

I had the opportunity to participate in projects where we built prototypes for most industries, including the space and automotive industries, as well as for research and scientific units.In the companies I ran, things were different, just like in a changing market. However, the conditions changed quite dynamically with the COVID-19 pandemic and then Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

I decided that I had to change technological projects into smaller, more individual, individual ones. I managed to return to my passion, which is chess!

ChessboArt History & Michał Fudalej

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Hand-painted figures on the chessboard of a luxury set