16 July 2024
Valuable Chess Sets: What Should They Feature? Size, Material, Design, Style, Luxury, and Exclusivity We won't be discussing every type of chess set here. Instead, we'll focus on the specific
16 July 2024
We know exactly how it is with gifts. We think about them well in advance, but then we're surprised when they don't arrive on time. That's why we have a
16 July 2024
To enjoy the highest quality wood and chess, we use advanced technical glues, waxes, varnishes, and resins. Typically, during the 24-month period, there is no need for maintenance or care
15 July 2024
Comparison of Demonstration Chess, Vertical Chess, and Chessboards by ChessboArt In this article, I will attempt to answer the question of the differences between Vertical Chess, Demonstration Chess, and the


Our blog is undoubtedly chess-themed. Here, threads of art, craftsmanship, practical advice related to playing chess, as well as purely entertainment aspects are intertwined.

To facilitate the search for interesting materials or chess photos from the farthest corners of the world, we have created three subgroups, which we plan to regularly expand.

We look forward to your ideas and inspirations!

Michał Fudalej

Luxury chess set with in a art deco tyle
Luxury chess set with in a art deco tyle
Luxury chess set with in a art deco tyle



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