Grebulski - Fudalej M., Kraków 1999

This is the most beautiful combination I have found and played in a classical game so far, despite my chess level improving in the subsequent years.

I spent over 30 minutes on the move in this position and started to worry about time trouble. However, I managed to find the winning continuation.

The game took place at the Cracovia 1999 tournament, where, as a junior, I competed in Group B (up to ELO 2100). At the time, my rating was 2098, and I aimed to fight for victory. The Cracovia tournament takes place at the turn of the year, and I finished this tournament with a rating of 2164.

Ultimately, I finished in third place in the tournament.

The Cracovia 1999 tournament also awarded prizes for the most beautiful winning game. This position didn't win any awards, probably due to the competition being in Group B.



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The combination was recognized by the most prestigious chess magazine of those years, 'Sahovski Informator,' where it was published alongside the games of the world's top players

Black to move and win.

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