The image depicts a frame from the Chess movie "W szachu. Ostatnia rozgrywka."
26 January 2024

Chess in the movie!

Chess in the movie!

This time, it's not about "The Queen's Gambit" and Beth Harmon. In 2023, a film was made in Poland about the fate of Polish chess teams at the Chess Olympiads in Hamburg (1930) and Buenos Aires (1939).

"In chess. The Last Game", orginal tilte: "W szachu. Ostatnia rozgrywka"
directed by: Marek Bukowski
genre: Biographical
premiere: October 19, 2023 (World and Polish premiere)
The film is biographical and lasts for an hour. It could be watched on Polish Television TVP1 and is also available on the VOD platform TVP.

The image depicts a frame from the movie "W szachu. Ostatnia rozgrywka."

Chess scenes with ChessboArt chessboards were filmed in the beautiful rooms of Moszna Castle and depict the Chess Olympiad in Hamburg and Mieczysław Najdorf's simultaneous exhibition in Buenos Aires. In total, for the needs of filming, we produced 14 chessboards, of which 12 were used in the film. All chessboards were specially signed and have already found their buyers. We would like to express special thanks to the screenwriters who collaborated with us, as well as the entire film crew and actors. It was an incredible adventure and honor for us. We even managed to get acknowledgments in the film's end credits.

But coming back to perhaps the best movie about chess, "The Queen's Gambit." There, Beth played a game on the ceiling, which was, of course, animation. Taking this into account, I wanted to emphasize that our chessboards could also be hung on the ceiling


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