Chess puzzle on a vertical chessboard, to develop your chess lever
15 March 2024

Chess Playing Area in the Company.

Chess Playing Area in the Company.



Our demonstration chess sets are increasingly found in business spaces. One of the recent opportunities was the creation of a chess corner in the headquarters of eSky from Katowice. eSky is one of the global leaders in the Online Travel Agency industry and provides its services in over 50 countries.


Focusing on the high quality of space and diversifying the form of recreation, eSky decided to create a place for playing chess, consisting of chessboards, clocks, and the demonstration chessboard ChessboArt. This is already another implementation of a chess corner in a business space.



Demonstration chessboard in the officeDemonstration chessboard in the office

Photos from eSky offices

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Luxury wooden chess set with delicately carved details