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11 July 2024

ChessboArt - Preparation for shipping, chess transport box.

The chess sets we design and create are very important to us. Therefore, we take great care to ensure they reach you in perfect condition.

Chess transport box - picograms



To this end, we have specially designed a transport box made mostly of plywood. The boxes have external dimensions of 85x85x12 cm and can accommodate a full demo chess set, such as the ChessboArt800.

We manufacture the boxes in our workshop in Ruda Śląska (Poland), and it is possible to adjust their dimensions to ship multiple chessboards or other chess products.

The boxes are made primarily from recycled materials, i.e., unclassified/used/transport plywood. This is a cheaper and more environmentally friendly option as it allows us to reuse these materials after reprocessing them.

Of course, we also care about aesthetics and highlighting our unique ideas. The boxes are marked with specially designed labels dedicated to the transport of chess sets.


Chess box, made of plywood for international shipping.


Chess box, made of plywood for international shipping with epoxy chessboard.



In summary, we want our shipments to reach you in the best possible condition so you can enjoy unpacking them without any unwanted surprises.

The boxes also offer the option of packing chessboards as gifts. If you want a dedicated inscription, let us know :)


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