Custom-Made Chessboard and Sets
21 January 2024

Custom-Made Chess Sets.

Custom-Made Chess Sets.


Custom-made chess sets stand out as some of the most intriguing gifts. Particularly captivating are the options of vertical chess sets that can be hung on the wall, adding a decorative touch to any space.


Descriptions: The customization options are diverse. Simple methods include engravings or inscriptions on the margins or frames of the chessboard. However, there is also the possibility of complete personalization of the chess set to match the owner or the interior.


Size and Proportions: Handcrafted or artisanal chess sets have the advantage of being made individually or in small series. This means there is the possibility of creating chess sets with specific overall dimensions or individual elements. In such cases, the chess set is likely to be a unique piece in the world, further enhancing its value.


Wood and Materials: Chess sets typically consist of light and dark elements. When it comes to wooden components, it is advisable for both colors to be crafted from different naturally dark and naturally light wood species. This ensures a more interesting arrangement of wood grains and enriches the texture of the chess set. Such chess sets are also notably more durable, with colors aging evenly over time, and any potential damage being less visible and repairable.

In special cases, chess sets and boards can be customized to match the interior, using a selected wood species.


Memorabilia: Authentic wooden chess sets, crafted in accordance with art and craftsmanship, should be durable and withstand decades. Their repair and maintenance should be possible. In the case of the use of vertical chess sets with non-demagnetizing magnets, such as ChessboArt, attention can be drawn to the lifespan of the neodymium magnets, estimated at 100 years!

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Luxury wooden chess set with delicately carved details