Chess puzzle on a vertical chessboard, to develop your chess lever
12 July 2024

Custom-made, personalized, and unique chess sets. Made of wood and resin

Custom-made, personalized, and unique chess sets. Made of wood and resin.
What more can we say? We are passionate about chess in every aspect, ensuring they look great and impress with their quality and appearance.

To meet these expectations, we constantly experiment with possibilities and aesthetics. The latest results of these experiments are the ChessboArt800 chessboards, but with margins made of American walnut. These chessboards are already in our offer and make an amazing impression.

They are like a negative of the previous version, but maintaining the chessboard principles, i.e., the h1 square remains white.


Demo chessboard walnut and epoxy resin


The second change is not yet in mass production and is just a preview of the direction we will also be experimenting with. We want to increasingly use epoxy resins in the creation of some elements for our chess sets and chessboards.


The first successful tests were conducted in 2023 but were not published online. However, they allowed us to perform a "long-term" test of a chessboard with an epoxy resin coating. We already know that the chessboard, without any damage (looking like new), hung outside for one year, though under a roof. In local Polish conditions, this means it was subjected to significant temperature and humidity fluctuations.


However, I believe the key issue will be the aesthetic qualities of the resin and the fact that we managed to achieve this level using completely safe resins.


Epoxy resin demo chessboard



We have also taken care to ensure even safer shipping of demo chess sets. We designed and manufacture transport boxes specifically for the safe shipment of our chessboards. We believe these experiences will be beneficial when we start producing more chess decorations, even larger ones.

An additional advantage of the transport boxes is their potential use as very attractive gift packaging. Of course, this works best when the gift is a chessboard.


Chess transport box - picograms



Chess box, made of plywood for international shipping.


We have many more ideas for chess products.


I believe the next step will be even more personalized chess sets and chessboards, where you can choose the size and types of wood. These will be truly custom-made chess sets.

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Luxury wooden chess set with delicately carved details