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26 January 2024

Different Versions of Hanging Chessboards ChessboArt 800


Different Versions of Hanging Chessboards ChessboArt 800


The first sale of ChessboArt chess sets took place in 2022 during the European Blitz and Rapid Chess Championships held at the Katowice Spodek arena.



Dana Reizniece-Ozola is interviewed during the European Chess Championship in Katowice 2022
Dana Reizniece-Ozola is interviewed during the European Chess Championship in Katowice 2022


Since then, there have been certain changes compared to the initial version. These changes result from our work, experiences, and discussions with friends and customers. The 2023/2024 version includes the following modifications:


- Descriptions of squares on the margins of the chessboards are in small letters (according to the officially adopted chess notation, this is how it should be)!

- Increased number of magnets in the chessboard; they are now also located on the margins to store captured pieces.

- Modified system for hanging the chessboard on the wall; you can find precise instructions on how to hang the chessboard on the wall here.

- Altered descriptions on the side of the chessboard. They are now more individualized, sometimes handwritten. However, each chessboard is always assigned a number and a signature.

- Added UV protection for the chessboard. This is based on the experience of a chess cafe that displayed our chessboards in a brightly lit window, and the pieces were never rearranged. Of course, it is not an ideal solution. Prolonged shading of light wood may cause discoloration compared to wood that is intensively and directly illuminated.

- Changed gluing of the interior of the chessboard and external coatings.


Special editions of chessboards.


Previous versions included, among others, the movie version (12 pieces), which appeared in a film and did not have frames.


We also created versions using epoxy resin to give the chessboard resistance to weather conditions and a glossy finish. However, these are specific requirements because matte or semi-matte chessboards, which do not reflect light as intensively, usually look the best. Sometimes, however, the interior and the surroundings of the chessboard require a unique approach.


Especially recommended and non-standard coating for wood is oil. They give the wood additional depth, scent, and allow it to breathe. Applying an oil coating is a process that needs to be renewed approximately every 5 years, but it is relatively simple.


Personalizations of chessboards.


In this case, we are fully flexible and open to suggestions. Each chess set is made individually, so adding a custom description, dedication, or engraving is possible.


Special orders and individual needs.


Dear customer, if you have specific requirements regarding color, wood, size, or design, we encourage you to contact us via email. Our customers' ideas are often an inspiration for us, and we simply love to talk about chess. Within our capabilities, we will try to help and advise.





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