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13 January 2024

How to hang chessboard on the wall?

How to hang chessboards on the wall
Hanging a chessboard on the wall is very similar to hanging a painting. Below we present some tips that concern more than just our chessboard.

1. Type of wall

You should take into account the type of wall on which you want to hang the chessboard and choose the appropriate mounting pins for the wall. Other dowels should be used in the case of brick, hollow bricks or walls made of plasterboard. It is also worth paying attention to whether the chessboard will be removed from the wall, moved or hung again. If so, sturdier pins should be used to prevent loosening.


2. The weight of the chessboard

The second important issue is the weight of the chessboard. In the case of a ChessboArt800 chessboard, it usually weighs less than 10 kg, so it is relatively heavy. For comparison, a standard chessboard in the Stauton5 size weighs about 2 kg.


3. Types of pendants

It's always good to check before purchasing. There are many types of pendants. Some are designed to be mounted on hooks, others require a screw with a large head. In the case of our chessboards, it is more convenient to hang them on hooks, but due to the edge of our hanger, other solutions should also work. A convenient solution is also when the hanger is wide, it allows you to move the already hanging chessboard to the right or left by several dozen mm.

4. Dimensions!

Well-chosen dimensions and a measured wall are crucial. The holes must, of course, be made horizontally. For this purpose, you can measure the same distance from the ceiling. In this case, the ceiling line will be parallel to the top of the checkerboard frame, which should look good.
You should pay attention to what height the chessboard will ultimately hang. If there are other paintings hanging nearby, it is a good idea that their lower or upper edges are at the same height.


Below are the dimensions typical for the ChessboArt800 chessboard.


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