Chess puzzle on a vertical chessboard, to develop your chess lever
22 January 2024

How to Use Vertical Chess to Improve Your Chess Skills?

How to Use Vertical Chess to Improve Your Chess Skills?                                 



Chess is, above all, a game that can be learned and perfected. Regular practice always helps, regardless of the area you want to improve, whether it's morning exercises, learning foreign languages, or playing chess.

In this case, vertical chess hanging on the wall has several advantages:

• Firstly, they are easily accessible, hanging on the wall or standing on an easel. You can play on them or solve a chess puzzle right away without pulling chess pieces from a drawer.

• Motivation for learning and playing. Most of us enjoy interacting with beautifully crafted, well-made, and sometimes exclusive products. Using high-quality products directly affects their usability, which also translates to motivation. There is an additional aspect: positions on the vertical chessboard are visible to everyone in the room, so they should be changed regularly!


Now, how to train in chess using demonstrative/vertical chess?


One of the simplest and very effective methods is solving chess puzzles. However, there are a few important aspects to ensure that such puzzle-solving brings the desired effect, that is, enhances your playing skills. The principles are somewhat similar to training in other disciplines.

  1. The difficulty level of the puzzles should match the skill level of the person training. Tip: solving 1 easy chess puzzle should take 2-5 minutes (a warm-up). Solving a puzzle of medium difficulty should take about 10-15 minutes. Solving a very difficult puzzle may take over 15 minutes. If the time exceeds 30 minutes, you can set the puzzle aside for another time, for example, in 2 months. Sometimes a fresh perspective helps.

  2. The quantity of chess puzzles doesn't have to be large but should challenge you. It means there should be at least one puzzle that requires 10-15 minutes of thinking. This difficulty is somewhat akin to weightlifting.

  3. Execute chess puzzles precisely. In the case of chess, this means no guessing solutions and counting every variant accurately. This is part of the training. You should be 100% sure that you found the right move.


ChessboArt demonstrative chess sets have been chosen by many professional chess players, including titled Grandmasters and Grandmistresses, associations, foundations, clubs, and even cafes.


If you want to elevate your chess skills with ChessboArt, feel free to contact me: FM Michal Fudalej, ChessboArt(at)


Example chess puzzle

Black to move and win. (Grebulski- M.Fudalej, Cracow 1999)


The first two moves are relatively easy to find. The key is the third move for Black and the subsequent ones. One should find the solution until the end, just like in a real game, finding the solution took me over 20 minutes.



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