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01 April 2024

Test of the Best Chess Helmet!

Test of the Best Chess Helmet!



As it is commonly known, chess is a sport classified among extreme sports. Chess enthusiasts are capable of playing anywhere, regardless of circumstances and the common risk involved in the game. In this article, we will illustrate how risky this game can be and recommend the best protection in our opinion.


Chess on EARTH.

Where to be careful playing chess! The law in Tallinn (the capital of Estonia!) prohibits playing chess during sex.

In Tallin (Estonia), is forbiden to play chess durning sex.

Source: REDDIT


Unfortunately, this is not the end of unfavorable legal regulations, because in Saudi Arabia and Iran, religious leaders have called for chess to be recognized as illegal. This is due to the fact that the game aims to overthrow the king. Additionally, there is a risk of gambling and chess enhances the desire for competition!

Playing chess is also banned at Russian research stations in Antarctica. In 1959, during a chess game between two scientists, a conflict arose and resulted in a murder with a pickaxe. After the case was investigated by the KGB, it was determined that chess should be banned!

However, it does not change the fact that a Chess Tournament was held in Antarctica in 2022.

With great disappointment, we must state that safety was not adequately taken care of there because helmets were not worn!

Antarctica Chess Tournament 2022

Source: FIDE Twitter

But back to the main point, which helmet?


Chess in SPACE

To select the proper helmet, one must first identify potential risks and threats. One of the pioneers of playing with a helmet should be NASA

Chess in Space by NASA

Source: NASA


Unfortunately, even NASA does not pay due attention to the problem of practicing extreme sports without proper protection. We're eagerly counting on their improvement :D


Chess Underwater!


Chess can be played practically anywhere. World Championships in underwater chess are even held (mostly in pools), where oxygen tanks during the game are not allowed. A traditional chess clock is not used then; a move must be made in one breath. This means that diving to the chessboard, one cannot emerge until a move is made.


Chess underwater

Image from:





Chess Underground!



Of course, chess can also be played underground, and we're not talking about the subway!

Traditionally, the Polish Chess Championships were held in the Wieliczka Salt Mine, in a chamber named "Warsaw," which is located 125 meters underground.



Chess Underground

Image from:



Chess on Mountain Peaks!



In the spring of 2024, a chess tournament is planned at an altitude of over 8000 meters. More information can be found by searching for: The Everchess 2024 extreme chess tournament However, referring to the title of the article, we are eagerly hoping that in these competitions, playing chess will only be possible with helmets.


Summary of playing chess in a helmet!


Playing chess in helmet



Without a doubt, chess can be practiced in extreme conditions without a helmet. We have verified that a helmet does not affect the strength of the game, but it significantly affects comfort. Full helmets (motorcycle) can positively affect the reduction of external noises and thereby concentration, unfortunately, their weight makes playing long hours difficult.


The choice of whether to play chess with a helmet or without remains undecided.


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