How to choose chess as a gift?
20 January 2024

What Chess Sets Make the Best Gifts?

What Chess Sets Make the Best Gifts?


Primarily, chess sets should be aesthetic and well-crafted. A touch of luxury complements almost any gift. Wooden chess sets represent the most classic version and can serve for many years, making them a wonderful keepsake. A highly attractive but more expensive option is when both colors are crafted from different types of natural wood. This ensures no issues with the lacquer fading after many years. The gaming experience is enhanced when chess pieces have internal weighting for more stability on the chessboard.
A frequently chosen option is a personalized chessboard, for example, through engraving or the addition of a commemorative frame.



Are Chess Sets Practical Gifts?

Should gifts be practical or more of a memento and luxury? If you're seeking a gift that looks good and doesn't take up drawer space, consider vertical chess sets. These are chess sets that can be hung on the wall, presenting themselves as artwork. The comfort of playing on such boards varies, depending on their construction and applied solutions. Solutions where pieces stand on shelves primarily have aesthetic value. They can be challenging to play, and positions may be less transparent.

Certainly, the most intriguing option is demonstrative chess sets, where pieces have magnets installed, resembling chess diagrams. Diagrams have been used for years to solve compositions and are now best known from computer chess programs.

Luxurious vertical chess sets from ChessboArt are becoming an increasingly popular gift due to their unique solutions and quality. Designed and crafted by artists, craftsmen, and chess enthusiasts, each square and piece contains two magnets, ensuring figures and pawns stand evenly in the center of each square, always presenting a pleasing position.

The total dimensions of the ChessboArt800 chessboard are 800x800mm, including the frame. There is also an option for personalization through additional frame designs, margins, or engraving. ChessboArt sets are individually numbered and signed by MF Michał Fudalej, crafted in a carpentry workshop in Ruda Śląska.

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Luxury wooden chess set with delicately carved details