Chess puzzle on a vertical chessboard, to develop your chess lever
13 January 2024

What is a luxury product and do luxury chess exist? Does ChessboArt chess meet these definitions?



A luxury product is a high-quality, exclusive and expensive commodity that is available only to people with higher social status and higher income levels. Luxury products are often known for attention to the smallest details, rare materials, unique design and prestigious brand. They are a symbol of wealth, exclusivity and good taste. Examples of luxury products include high-end cars, branded watches, designer clothing and accessories, exclusive cosmetics, high-quality furniture and exceptional travel. Also, chess is often considered an exclusive product. There are chess boards and chess sets made of expensive materials such as exotic woods, marble and ivory. Handmade chess pieces are often precisely carved and painted, which adds to their artistic value.




Of course, aesthetics is a matter of taste, it can be controversial. However, there are products that are well designed and made. Products that match the interiors, coherent with each other, presenting certain values and an idea. This is how the process of creating chess at ChessboArt looked like. This is a chess set designed by artists and design experts. Absolutely uncompromising. The effect is that in the first year after the set was presented, chess can be seen in the press and on television. Chess World Champions, grandmasters, actors, politicians and entrepreneurs took pictures against the background of chess. Chessboards even played in the movie!


Materials and quality


Wood is the most natural material for creating chess. World championship matches are played with wooden chess. However, there are many types of wood and certainly not all of them are luxurious. At ChessboArt, we have specially selected two genres. White ash wood was to be characterized by a light color and very rich grain. This guarantees the uniqueness of each set. Dark American walnut wood is one of the most expensive woods available. They are distinguished primarily by a beautiful natural color, which is additionally emphasized by grinding and painting the whole thing several times. The use of the same materials for the figures and pieces, the chessboard, the frame creates a wonderful final effect.


Uniqueness and availability


The feeling of luxury is almost always associated with accessibility. Unavailability can be caused by two things, a limited number of copies or a high price. In the case of ChessboArt chess, the price is only the result of the materials used, size and labor consumption. The production of one set takes over 30 hours of work. This amount of work, mostly done by hand, limits the number of copies. We only produce a few sets per month. Each set has its own individual number and signature of the person who produced it, i.e. Michał Fudalej.




Great if you can play chess! ChessboArt was invented and appreciated by chess players. Even the International Chess Federation (FIDE) has bought its set, you can find us in cafes and chess clubs. Professionals chose ChessboArt not only because of the aesthetics, but also because of the quality of the game. We came up with a solution consisting in hiding over 200 (!) magnets in the chessboard, additional two magnets are in each piece and pieces. The pairs of magnets attract each other, causing a very accurate, even and precise drawing of the figure exactly to the center of the field. This not only makes the game fun, but also allows you to arrange the pieces on the chessboard evenly. Thanks to this, the whole composition is always even and orderly.


Is chess a good gift?

Yes, any chess makes a good gift.


You probably won't put our chess in a drawer to get dusty. The chessboard itself is the size of a table, but does not take up any space on it. ChessboArt chessboards need to be hung, looked at, solved and played on.


The article uses photos from: the Facebook of the Katowice Special Economic Zone, the Facebook of Robert Krasiewicz, who photographed chess during the simultaneous game in Saint Tropez, a photo from a session taken by Ms. Monika Burszczan.


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