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Wooden Chess Bishop with a magnets inside

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Wooden Chess Queen with a magnets inside

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Wooden Chess King with a magnets inside

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Wooden Chess Knight with a magnets inside

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ChessboArt800 on a wooden easel dedicated to vertical chess

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A wooden easel dedicated to vertical chess

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ChessboArt 800

We produce a limited number of chessboards each month due to the time required. We are a Polish workshop renowned for woodworking. We aim for a waiting time of up to 4 weeks for each chessboard, although we usually have 1 or 2 available for immediate purchase. If you want to be sure, please contact us.


We design and create both the chessboards and the chess pieces ourselves. Currently, we offer two versions:

  • Light chessboard with ash wood borders
  • Dark chessboard with American walnut borders


What is it like to play on our chessboards?


Playing on our chessboards offers a distinct experience compared to traditional demonstration, magnetic, or vertical chessboards. We are so proud of our design that we have even filed a patent application to protect our original ideas.

Each piece, pawn, square, and border area on our chessboards features 2 hidden magnets, totaling 264 magnets in the set. This unique system ensures that the pieces are securely attached to the center of each square, stay perfectly aligned, and do not rotate. The result is an exceptional playing experience with a stunning and precise final appearance.


What do our customers say?

We have received 100% positive feedback from our clients. Our customers are chess enthusiasts who appreciate quality and design, mainly from Europe. Among them are Grandmasters (GM, WGM, IM, WIM), chess clubs, cafes, companies, and many individuals who purchased chessboards for themselves or their loved ones.


Why do they cost this much?

Because they are the size of a table made from real wood, requiring significantly more work.
They are larger than big paintings and are crafted by artists to be enjoyed daily, hanging on the wall in a beautiful wooden frame.

Each set includes not just the chessboard but also 32 wooden chess pieces, which need to be hand-sanded and painted in every nook and cranny multiple times.


We encourage you to place your orders through our online store. You can also contact us via email or phone to discuss any aspect of your order.



Frame thickness: 36 mm

Size: 800x800 mm

Chessboard square size: 76 mm

Number of magnets inside the chessboard:  200

Magnets in pieces: YES, 2 magnets in each piece

Weight: 8-12 kg

Wall hanging brackets: YES

Individual number: YES

Valuable chess, our approach

Here you will find additional information about ChessboArt chess sets - BLOG

Development and cooperation



*We design and manufacture in the European Union.

**We care for the environment by sourcing certified wood and using safe, reputable glues, paints, and waxes.


These chessboards are the reason why, at the end of 2022, FIDE Master Michał Fudalej founded ChessboArt.

They captivate both spectators and chess players from around the world! Not just in photographs, but especially at exhibitions and tournaments. These are not photomontages; they really look like this.


Each chessboard is unique, with time and attention to detail dedicated to each one. They are not perfect and identical. Most of the work on these chessboards is done by hand with chisels, files, and sanders.


These chessboards can bring you joy every day and stay with you for years to come. That is ChessboArt purpose: to be absolutely timeless and crafted to delight generations.


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