ChessboArt Chess Pieces

Chess pieces are crafted from two types of wood. White pieces and pawns are made from ash wood, while black ones are crafted from American walnut wood.
Within each chess piece, two neodymium magnets are embedded, spaced in the same pattern as in the ChessboArt chessboard. This allows for a perfect fit of the piece onto the chessboard square.
However, the pieces can also be used on other magnetic surfaces, such as boards.

The shape of each piece and the spacing of holes for magnets are machine-made to ensure repeatability, but subsequent steps are done manually.
Each piece undergoes multiple cleaning, sanding, and painting processes to present itself at its best and fully bring out the beauty of the wood.


Piece Height: 62 mm, Width up to: 61 mm, Thickness: 15 mm.
Light Wood: Ash
Dark Wood: American Walnut
Magnets in Pieces: YES, 2 magnets embedded in each piece
Coatings: Lacquer / Hard Wax
Piece dedicated to the demonstration chessboard: ChessboArt 800
Weight of a single piece and pawn: from 9 to 22 grams


Other Wood Species.

If you are interested in having pieces made in a different size or from a different type of wood, please contact us.
There is also the option to fill the pieces with epoxy resin in various colors. We also create inserts for pieces from different materials to further personalize and match them to the chessboard.

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16 EUR


Luxurious wooden chess pieces with two magnets inside - Knight

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16 EUR


Luxurious wooden chess pieces with two magnets inside- Rook

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16 EUR


Luxurious wooden chess pieces with two magnets inside -Bishop

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117 EUR

Additional engraved chessboard frame

Chessboard  with engraving logotype on a wood easel

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65 EUR


A wooden easel dedicated to vertical chess

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1 080 EUR

ChessboArt 800

ChessboArt800 on a wooden easel dedicated to vertical chess

16 EUR


It is made of wood. You can choose the color of the wood: light (ash wood) or dark (American walnut wood).


Chess Pawn from ChessboArt, dedicated for vertical Chess Set, with two magnets inside. Avalible in our shop.
Product made to order. estimated lead time: 6 weeks (few pieces on stock).

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